Friday, March 3, 2017

Titles in Toronto 1922 - 1984

Pro Wrestling is a game of titles, most every wrestler in the classic era held a title of some sort somewhere sometime. Below is a list of Title's that were defended in Toronto

Many wrestlers used old or fictitious title claims for billing purposes. Fred Atkins in his early days here was Australian champ, Carlos Rocha was the Portuguese champ, Emile Dupree billed as Maritimes champ and many, many more. For the purpose of this list I just listed those titles that were defended and officially recognized.

First batch is Toronto's own , second the rest , I included Dave McKigney's North American Title and Tag Titles as they were a presence in and around Toronto for many years.

If I missed any let me know

Canadian Title : 1922-1941
World Title (Toronto) : 1938-1939
British Empire Title (Toronto) : 1941-1967
U.S. Title (Toronto) : 1962-1973
Canadian Open Tag Team Titles (Toronto) : 1952-1961
International Tag Titles (Toronto) : 1961-1977
North American Title (Toronto) 1973
U.S. Title (Toronto) : 1974-1977
Canadian Heavyweight Title (Toronto) : 1978-1984
Canadian TV Title (Toronto) : 1982-1984
North American Title (Toronto) : 1982-1984

World Title : 1929- 1947
NWA (Alliance) World Title : 1949-1984
WWWF/WWF Title : 1964-1982
NWA Junior Heavyweight Ttitle : 1972
North American Title (Big Bear) : 1974-1983
AWA (Minn. Gagne) World Title : 1977-1982
AWA Tag Titles : 1977-1979
U.S. Title (Mid Atlantic) : 1978-1983
Womens World Title :1971-1983
British Empire Heavyweight Title (AWA) : 1978
NWA Tag Titles : 1979-1983
NWA/MID ATLANTIC TV Title : 1979-1983
International Tag Titles (Japan Tour) : 1980
Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Title : 1981-1983
Mid Atlantic Tag Titles :1981-1982
North American Tag Titles (Big Bear) 1983
Intercontinental Title (WWF) : 1983

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