Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kiniski vs The Sheik 1976

I came in to a lot of clips/bouts from the 76-77 era, here is a bout between U.S. Champ The Sheik and Former World Champ Gene Kiniski from Aug 8 1976.

This was the third and final bout in the series, Sheik won the first by dq and both were counted out in the second so Andre The Giant was brought in as a special referee to finally determine a winner.

Andre would have a impact on the bout grabbing The Sheik's pencil out of his hand and at one point Andre picks up the interfering Abdullah Farouk and carries him down the ramp and deposits him in the hallway. While Andre is away The Sheik works behind reg referee Tiger Tasker's back and manages to pin Kiniski for the win.

Tasker raises Sheik's hand but Andre returns to the ring and disqualifies Sheik and awards the bout to Kiniski.

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