Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Farmer Boy 1957

A feature article on Maritimer 'Farmer Boy' Frank Townsend from the Toronto Daily Star Sept 28 1957. Also known as 'Singing' Frank as he cut a few sides for Regency Records in his time and would sometimes sing before a bout. He had a successful wrestling career but it was cut short in when he was killed in a boating accident in 1965.

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    Thank you for posting the article on Frank Townsend. He was my Uncle. His younger brother, Dan, my father, always told us kids about our Uncle. The family was real proud of Frank. We still have some of his 45 records. We didn't listen to them much because it would make my dad tear up. My dad followed Frank into the Marines and I have a great pic of them two shooting - which was published in a US paper. I never saw your article before - found it by chance.

    Frank is buried in South Jersey next to my grandmother - his mother - she had preceded Frank in death by three months. I sometimes visit the grave when I go back to see other family members. I always wished he lived longer so I would have gotten to know him - he died when I was a baby. It was only through family stories and very few news clippings did I get to "know" him. This article has so much more info than the ones I have - given to me when my dad passed.

    Thank you again so much. You never know how simple something like posting an article will mean to someone - so I thought I'd take the time to let you know it means a lot to me. I already sent the links to my cousin for her to share with Frank's other brother Sam. We'll also pass it to Frank's son. Sonya has passed on now too.

    Best Regards to you,
    CJ Townsend