Saturday, June 19, 2010

Swede Hansen

Swede Hansen in Quebec Aug 1983. Hansen had several forays into the Quebec scene, including a formidable tag with Le Bourreau - The Hangman Neil Guay - in 1980. Clip below is from Montreal facing Dino Bravo in 1982.

Hansen also made it into Toronto with his first bout in 1976 vs Lou Klein and right through the M-A years and into the WWF post 84. Below is a pic at MLG in 1981 with partner Mr Fuji (also on the clip above) about to face Don Kernodle/Bruno Sammartino Jr. from Griff Henderson's collection.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

John Studd II

Couple more of 'Big' John Studd making his way into the Gardens on 2 separate nights in 1982. 

Some of the pics on the Blog are already on the MLWP site but I have used a negative scanner at high resolution to re-do many of the shots and don't crop them such as the one above with the 'West Green & Greys' designation on the wall for seating directions. The Gardens had colors to represent sections as you moved up in the seats.

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