Saturday, December 11, 2010

MLW Program 7/11/1977

On the occasion of the big Exhibition Stadium show and notable as the last appearance of The Sheik for Tunney. A kind of 'best of' pub put together by long-time MLG Publicist and author Stan Obodiac for a professional look. 

The pic of Whipper, Tunney and Elvis is from The King's 1957 show at MLG. At the time of the pic it was noted it as the 2 Kings, the King of Rock n' Roll and the King of Toronto Wrestling. 

There is another pic of Whipper and Elvis at Scotty where it notes that In addition to the police and his own entourage, sometimes referred to as bodyguards, Bill E. Burk said Elvis had the famous Canadian professional wrestler, "Whipper" Billy Watson, as his Toronto bodyguard

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Results credit Gary Will

77/07/11 (Exhibition Stadium)
NWA TITLE: Harley Race WDQ The Sheik 8:56
WWWF TITLE: Superstar Graham WP Chief Jay Strongbow
Andre the Giant DCOR Ken Patera
INTERNATIONAL TAG TEAM TITLE: The Crusaders W Reginald Love/Chris Tolos
Stan Stasiak W Al Costello
Haystack Calhoun WDQ Bulldog Kent
Tony Parisi D The Mongol
The Wildman D Pat Kelly
Farmer Pete W Little Bruiser