Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stan Stasiak

MLWP Collection
Stan 'The Man' Stasiak was a regular at MLG from 1961-1978 and one of the few to vie for all three 'World Titles' at MLG while facing many of the stars across the era's.
During a brief run as a 'good guy' here in the late 70's he would team with Chief Jay Strongbow, and because of the proximity fans in the Northeast were wondering why two known foes were teaming up against the heels. A couple of bouts teamed with Strongbow pitted Stasiak vs another former WWWF Champ Ivan Koloff in tags.
Notable bouts at MLG
61/04/06 Whipper Billy Watson (B-E Title) W Stan Stasiak
62/09/27 Stan Stasiak DW Gino Marella (Gorilla Monsoon)
63/03/14 Gene Kiniski W Stan Stasiak
66/09/25 Stan Stasiak DW Johnny Powers
75/03/23 Jack Brisco (NWA Title) WCOR Stan Stasiak
75/05/11 Stan Stasiak DCOR Johnny Valentine
75/09/07 The Sheik (US Title) WDQ Stan Stasiak
76/01/11 Terry Funk (NWA Title) W Stan Stasiak
77/02/06 Stan Stasiak/Chief Jay Strongbow W Ivan Koloff/Wolfman
77/11/30 Superstar Graham (WWWF Title) W Stan Stasiak
78/01/08 Nick Bockwinkel (AWA Title) W Stan Stasiak
Results credit Gary Will

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