Sunday, January 24, 2010

MLG, Varsity, & The Singh's

In 1974 'World Cup Wrestling' came to MLG featuring a mix of International stars and a few of the local heroes. The show drew 7,000 to see Dara Singh beat Danny Lynch. In addition to Tiger Jeet, Tony Parisi, Chris Tolos, and Terry Yorkston would round out the appearing-in-partnership-with-Tunney card.

The World Cup would return to Varsity in 1979 promoted by Sona Entertainers to see Dara Singh go against Toronto semi-regular Brute Bernard. Both Bernard and Bob Marcus (also on this card) would be busy, appearing the next night on the MLG show (Backlund vs Patera), and again in Oshawa on the 20th.

Unfortunately don't have the ad for this one but below is a poster that was on E-Bay recently.

The Singh's all had ties to Toronto over the years, Dara appearing in the late 50's and Tiger Jeet holding court from the 60's through to the mid 80's. Another Singh - Nanjo - had a long tenure in Toronto from the 30''s to the 60's including big battles with Whipper Watson over the British Empire Title.

Below is a 1943 illustration from the Toronto Telegram on an upcoming battle between Nanjo and the Pride of East York.

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